CAFECITO DIARIES #2: A Mí El Café No Me Hace Nada (Coffee's Got Nothing On Me!)

At an early age, I was bombarded with weird myths of all sorts. The ones my mom told me were always on a whole other level of weird. I know that my mom had heard these same myths from her mom, and for all I know, my grandmother probably heard them from her own mother as well. Now the thing about myths is that they're like a tradition that is passed on by generation to generation. Anyways, although most of the myths aren't true, it's always fun to remember the weirder ones I was told as a kid. For instance, growing up my mom never let me have coffee. “¿Que te quieres quedar chaparra?” was usually the sarcastic response I got from her whenever I asked for a mere sip of her cup. I remember little me trying to figure out how coffee could affect my height, but not my mother’s (considering she drank at least one cup of coffee per day).

“Pero no contaban con mi astucia”

Regardless, they didn’t count on my cunning! I was a smart kid and I quickly realized this was a lie. Every time I visited my relatives in Mexico, they never hesitated to offer me a cup of coffee. Even better, they offered it to me as if coffee were the most normal thing to offer to a child. My grandma and I had the best of times sipping on cups of coffee behind my mom’s back. Not once did my grandmother threaten me with the dangerous power of coffee, my mom claimed it had. Most of the time my grandmother even offered me seconds!

I guess in this case it’s possible that my grandma was just doing what grandmothers do: they spoil their grandchildren even if it means going against the parent’s will. But did anything bad truly come out of the cafecitos little-me shared with my grandmother? Let’s see, I am 19 years old and I’m just an inch over 5 feet… and even though this is considered on the short side, it is purely due to genetics. The only thing I can confidently blame coffee for is the love and healthy addiction I have developed for it over the years… an addiction that was most likely sparked during the earlier years of my childhood -- but nobody needs to know that!

The fact of the matter is that there is no clear research that proves that coffee causes growth stunts. At its best, there is some sort of a link between osteoporosis and consumers of coffee. The excess of caffeine and lack of calcium begins to affect bone tissue, hence paving the way to this condition. So while scientists continue to find a legit cause-and-effect relationship between coffee and growth stunts, let us continue sipping on our cups of espresso with our pinkies raised. Maybe two cups of coffee is a little bit too much for a child, but a sip most likely won’t do much harm to anyone. Se vale compartir un traguito de felicidad.

Comment below any other fun myths you heard as you were growing up!

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