Workforce Opportunity, Relationship-based Training, and Hope for Youth

Let's make it happen! 

In the past 4 years, we've graduated over 40 youth with the help of amazing community partners.


Our youth participants have acquired skills and tools they need to be excellent employees, resolve conflict, build their interview and networking skills, manage their personal finances, and find reliable and safe housing and transportation.


With your help, we'll continue increasing our impact.

The barriers to finding work are real.

In San Diego, there are 37,000 disconnected youth who are actively looking for a job, but have trouble finding one. Many of them have never worked before and don’t know where to start.


They're also more likely to be people of color, have low income, or are uninsured. Ten percent of them have limited English proficiency. These factors combined, these youth struggle to find jobs, and employers pass them over.

We’re in the business of changing the narrative.

Having job experience is a game-changer for young people.

Studies show that by the time they reach their thirties, those who had been working or in school as teens and young adults earn $31,000 more per year and are 45 percent more likely to own a home, 42 percent more likely to be employed, and 52 percent more likely to report excellent or good health than those who had been disconnected as young people.

"I want to see myself graduating college."

"I want to do something in my life worth being remembered for.”

“I want to give others confidence in their future.”

Here's how we do it.

workforce opportunity

We source youth participants from local agencies and community organizations. We build partnerships with employers.

relationship-based Training

We care about our youth at a relational level as we provide them with professional and life skills.


We give them hope and courage to secure their next job.



WORTHY is a 501(c3) non-profit organization. As a movement, we exist to equip and inspire young adults to achieve their personal career goals by providing job training, leadership development, and life skills. Alongside employers and community partners, we help them overcome barriers to employment. We believe in radical inclusiveness, second chances, and the sacred worth of each human being.
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