The Details

  • Length of Cohort: 6 Months

  • Cohort Size: 5 students

  • Location: San Diego, California

  • Qualifications: Ages 16-24, availability for training on Tuesdays and Thursdays 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm in City Heights, and have less than 6 months of job experience.

  • Cost: Completely free. All we need from you is to be prepared, to show up, and to give us your A-game.

  • How It Works: Spend 4 hours a week over the course of 12 weeks learning important, relevant-to-life skills (you can even choose what you want to learn about!) and get 250 hours of paid work experience over the course of 6 months. Work is part-time and attending every class will result in a graduation award! 

  • What You'll Love the Most: The new friendships, the solid belief in yourself that anything is possible with grit and creativity, and who you're becoming.



That first job experience is nothing like school. There will be new learning challenges, new people dynamics, and new things you'll discover about yourself.


Plus, you get to be part of our WORTHY family - a community of young people in San Diego who support one another's dreams.

Ready to take the leap? We got your back. Take 15 minutes and apply now.